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Welcome to the Greyhound Adoptions of Florida Memorial Wall

A place where loved ones are remembered and honored

In memory of Pat (the Pat Foundation) from Rick Fredrickson 
In memory of Dixie, loved by Tracy Gregg
from Julie King
In memory of Huston, loved by Diane "Burpdog" Jackson
from Ducky McComas 
In memory of Sheri Mone with love from Holly Priestley

Sheri worked on a breeding farm in Florida for many years. She was responsible for introducing GAF to the joy of adopting brood moms, injured pups and old stud dogs. Her memory lives on in the generations of dogs who found the love of a family. We are forever in her debt.

In Memory of Ringo from Debbie and Cliff Warner
In loving memory of Christy from Walter and Darlene Lindsay
In memory of Tiger Holthaus, the sweetest, gentlest, nuttiest boy I have ever had the pleasure of gracing my life from Lisa Holthaus
In loving memory of Bocce from Jane and Harry Price
In loving memory of Angus & all the wonderful dogs we have loved
from Leslie Drewry
In memory of Barbara A. Clark from Mary, Joyce & Marilyn 
In memory of Barbara A. Clark from Jennifer & Susan
In memory of Barbara A. Clark from Kelly & Mike 
In memory of my mom, JoAn Graves, from Val, Jamie,
Ziva, Briar & Tigger
In loving memory of my Uncle Charlie E. Morgan by Elizabeth Adams
In loving memory of Leo Desmarais from Michele Smith
In loving memory of our dear Zeva - full of spirit and fun. Always in our hearts from Shirley and Bob Decker
In loving memory of Bocce from Marge and John Curtis
In loving memory of Bocce Bellavia from those who loved him so.
In loving memory of Zeva Decker from Marilyn (her first mom)
In memory of Joan S. Graves
In remembrance of our sweet, always missed boys, Dascher and Dale, Love Mom Mom
In loving memory of Sam Noe by Rodney, Valerie and Kevin
In loving memory of Hope by Lisa Rockey
In loving memory of Hope by Jennie and Lara
In memory of Dorothy Roban by Sharon and Jade
In loving memory of Dascher Bateman by Carol Gallagher, Dascher's Mommom
In memory of Dale Bateman by Tina & Dan Reger
In loving memory of Dale Bateman by Carol Gallagher, Dale's Mommmom
In memory of Dale Bateman by Julie King
In memory of Dale Bateman by Deb Hitchins
In memory of Gracie Dorwart  by Maria Incudine
In loving memory of Daisy Boutin-Carbine
In memory of sweet Fiona Blackshaw-Samson
Never forgotten, always loved. In loving memory of Father Alan Dash.....missed by his
greyhound friends all over the world and by his friend, Marilyn.
In loving memory of Regal who shared her life with us
here at Grey Haven and who was loved by all of us.
We will miss you so....Marilyn and all the Grey Haven kids
In memory of Helen Herman by George & Joanie Cohen
In loving memory of Joe Stylman by June White
In memory of Helen Herman by Valerie & Jaimie DeLisle
In memory of Shamu Chickos with love from Tami Orr
In memory of Glitter and Gator
In memory of my broods Dolcie, Suzie and Kami
In memory of our dearest Brice, 4/19/01 - 12/5/11
In loving memory of Willow and Captain
In loving memory of Maple
In loving memory of Deacon & Bella Certo, by Jeanine & Laurie
In loving memory of Sue from Susan & Glen
In loving memory of Mocha Nicholson from Jeff and Barbara
In loving memory of Tim Archibald by Bob & Jackie O'Hara
Mae Lindstrom, Ted & Margaret Bigan and
Greyhound Adoptions of Florida
In memory of Andre, by Martha Clark
In loving memory of Mindy (Missy Moo) Schmidt,
from all her friends at Grey Haven
In memory of Tigger, love Amy & Ulan
In loving memory of Schultz
In loving memory of Mia
In loving memory of my sweet Betty Rubble, by Kelly Gerhart
In loving memory of Winslow, from his Mom and Dad
In memory of our beloved friend Ripley, by all the kids at Grey Haven
In loving memory of Darby, by Cheri
In honor of Charo & Lambchop, on behalf of
the GSM team of Shire Pharmaceuticals, Wayne, PA
In memory of Bosley, by Molly Thayer
In memory of Alvin Lee Ashley, from Judith Ashley
In memory of Chase, from Chris Shegog
In memory of Chase, with love from Jennie Heenan
In loving memory of Bosley, from Joan Carnahan
In loving memory of Ruby and Bosley, by Howard Bender

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