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Freedom's Garden

Please read about the  Garden Rededication on March 24, 2013 

Freedom's GardenFreedom's Garden photo gallery

Many years ago we decided it was important to us that we have a memorial garden at the farm so that we could have a formal place to remember the dogs that touched our lives, whether for years or moments. Other people heard what we wanted to do and asked to be included.

Freedom's GardenIn 2006, Bob and Kelly Faircloth of GREAT put their heads together and planned a huge garden with a pond and a fountain. They had wonderful plans that barely got off the ground in 2006. The Florida summer heat again became unbearable and work was postponed for the year. All that we had was an arbor that was to become the entrance to the garden.

After Bob's death in March 2007, Kelly and many of our friends decided the highest tribute they could pay to Bob's memory and the memory of so many of our beloved greyhounds was to make the memorial garden a priority.

Weekend after weekend, these amazing friends drove from all over central Florida to make "Freedom's Garden" a reality. From an unused plot of land to a formal garden full of love and memories in a few short months was truly a labor of love. Please enjoy the pictures.

Memorial Garden Fence

Donations in any amount can be made in memory of a pet or person. Acknowledgement of memorial donations can be included on our memorial wall.


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