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Adopted Greyhounds

Greys who have found their forever home

Dove adopted!

Sadie adopted!


Lindy adopted!

Gretel adopted!

Pam adopted!


Bambi adopted!


Vito adopted!

Ani adopted!

Jenke adopted!

Lucy adopted!


Kacie adopted!


diandra.jpgDiandra adopted!

Read Page 4 of the Fall 2013 issue of Greyt News for Diandra's story!

ollie_150.jpgOllie Adopted!


Missy is occupying the couch in her new home! She has a wonderful greyhound sister to play with and a little schnauzer named Jerry to protect. Parents Seglinda and Chris are happy to have another greyhound member of the family. Missy will enjoy that couch and will now be able to take walks on Jacksonville beach and play in the waves. Have a wonderful life, Missy.....you couldn't have gotten a better family!


Guess who is home for the holidays? Miss Daisy, that's who! We wish you many happy years with your new family which includes a greyhound "brother", GAF's very own Fisher. Daisy's homecoming coincided with her new Mom and Dad's birthdays. So many happy occasions to celebrate!


Bucky found his forever home! More info about his new family and happy ending coming soon!!!


Sky has been adopted! She went to live with some very special people who's hearts were empty after the loss of their two greyhound boys. She thinks she likes the three kitties but knows for sure she loves her momma and daddy! Congratulations Linda and Jay...and, of course, Sky.  May the three of you have years filled with joy and smiles!  


This sweet 10½-year old recently became homeless through no fault of her own. She quickly found her way to her forever home where she will spend her days in the company of her two new greyhound sisters, Patty & Zeva. We wish   Delta and her new family a world of happiness.



This outgoing girl is doing well with her new family. She's in greyt company with three greyhounds including Ginger, two feline friends & two human siblings. We wish them all many happy, healthy years together. Welcome home Wendy!





dottie_150.jpgJovie (formerly known as Dottie)

This gorgeous little girl is sure to turn many heads and win plenty of hearts in her new hometown with her forever family in Texas. Welcome home and congratulations to your new "Mom" & "Dad" as well as your little canine companion.  We wish you all the very best!


speedie_150.jpgOscar (formerly known as Speedie)

This handsome boy packed his bag and headed north to his forever home on Friday. His journey from the Sunshine State to the First State was a smooth one. He quickly settled in his new home and is fast acclimating to retired life with his new "Mom", "Dad" & "sister" as well as some new feline friends. May you all enjoy many happy years together.


Lilah (formerly known as Lycra)

They say home is where the heart is. As it turns out, Lycra's heart had been at her foster home and with her foster mom the whole time. The only change for this sweet girl will be her name. We'd like to officially welcome "Lilah" home where she will continue to be loved by her mom and enjoy the company of her canine companions including Roper.



Looper has gone home with his new mom! She had been waiting for quite a while to have another greyhound steal her heart and it seems Looper had been waiting for her, too. Congratulations Nancy, you have one very special boy there! And congratulations to our Looper for finding the best mom in the world!



This beautiful girl has been adopted. She is now "big sister" to a little Tibetan Terrier who is blind. Her new mom and dad think she is pretty darn special and we expect she will be spoiled rotten in a matter of days!


Gracie (formerly known as Amy)

With the New Year comes a new life for Gracie in a home of her very own. After her foster brother and sisters showed her the ropes of retired life she is now putting her finely honed skills to the test and learning what life is like as a well-loved companion in the company of her new greyhound siblings, Kool and Joley. Welcome home little girl!

alice_150.jpgAlice (formerly known as Vintage Rose)

Alice found her forever home just in time to ring in the New Year. And with her 5th birthday right around the corner, she'll celebrate her special day in the company of her new family which includes her "mom", a greyhound sister named Ecco and a feline friend named Chomp. With 2012 off to a fabulous start, we hope it's just the beginning of a wonderful year with many more to come.


Breaking news! Mandy went home with her new family yesterday and will celebrate the holidays with her "mom" & sister, a 14-year-old miniature daschund named Cleo. Merry Christmas Mandy & every good wish for the New Year and beyond.


Bunny is in her new home!  Her new family saw through her shyness immediately and knew she needed them and they needed her.  Happy Holidays to Bunny and her new family!!!  


Fisher can't stop wagging his little tail because he found a home where he'll soon celebrate the first of many holidays as a loved companion. Congratulations to his new family and welcome home Fisher!  


This handsome boy wished for a home for his 3rd birthday which he celebrated a few weeks ago. He didn't have to wait long for his wish to come true. Kool will spend the upcoming holidays and all his future birthdays with his new family which in addition to his new "Mom" & "Dad" & human siblings includes Joley!

kolby_new_150.jpgKol - (formerly known as Kolby) 

Kol patiently waited and waited for his forever family to find him. This sweet boy's wait is finally over. The heartfelt request he made to Santa Paws was recently realized. He will be spending the holidays in his new home with his very own "Mom", "Dad" and "sister"!  Welcome home Kol!

pete_150.jpgGhazala  (formerly known as Pete)

"Zala" is a handsome 6½ year-old who lost his home through no fault of his own. After a short stay at Grey Haven he found his forever home nearby which includes companions of the canine & equine variety!


This petite 2-year old broke her leg last summer. Fortunately surgery wasn't required and her leg healed completely. Her new family includes two wonderful humans and a lovely canine companion named Lowie. Welcome home Brava!


Nikki is a 10 1/2 year old little brindle girl who was found on Craig's List.   Re Rescued by a wonderful volunteer, she found her way to Grey Haven. She found her forever home with her foster mom and is enjoying life with her greyhound sister, Selina!

helen_150.jpgBella - (formerly known as Helen!)

Bella came off the Monticello track as a very sick little girl. She was adopted by a very special lady and is now enjoying a well-deserved retirement as a beloved companion in the Villages with her very own cat!


A gentle, timid boy who never raced, he needed understanding humans who would give him time to blossom into a trusting, faithful friend. Primo has found a home right here in Ocala and has three greyhounds that are now his best friends!


This curious boy will enjoy the company of his humans, a canine companion named Carmel and many horses.  The future looks very bright for this boy. Welcome home George! We wish you many happy, healthy, love and fun-filled years in your forever home.


This loving little girl hopped in her new family's car and didn't look back. It was as if she had been waiting for them all along and wondered what took them so long to find her!  In addition to her new mom & dad, Jolene will enjoy the companionship of 2 human siblings and 2 greyhound siblings. Welcome home Jolene. May you enjoy many happy years with your forever family.

prince_closeup_150.jpgTigger - (formerly known as Prince!)

I am feeling sooooo much better! My nasty, infected leg is gone, I can cockroach just like any other greyhound and the best news is that I have a forever home!!! I have a mom and dad a greyhound brother and sister of my very own too! They already had my ramp ready. It goes down into my very own backyard (and it has grass, not dirt!!!). I can run up and down a ramp at 80 mph!!! Well, maybe a bit slower than that but I can sure run. The best part of all of this is that I will have my very own humans to love every single day. Am I not the luckiest greyhound in the world?! Read more of my story and how I am doing on the home page!



Tina was just off the race track and didn't have much of a career. She knew retirement was the way to go! This smart, playful girl will now enjoy her days in the company of her very own human. Happy retirement and homecoming sweetie pie!



Monica now has what she always wanted: a family of her own with another greyhound, Flynn! We know you will be showered with all the love and attention you deserve in your new home. May you all share many happy years together.



This beautiful brindle girl made herself so comfortable at her foster home and settled in so nicely with her foster family that they all agreed she should stay and become a permanent member of the family. In fact her new family sponsored her several months ago. It was just meant to be so the transition from foster family to forever family was an easy one. We wish Teresa, her greyhound brother, Tomas, greyhound sister, Gigi, and humans many happy years together.


This gorgeous, soon-to-be three year-old male broke his leg on the Birmingham track in early March. He had a typical central tarsal bone fracture and he was lucky enough that the bones are lined up well enough to allow us to splint and wrap his leg for six weeks and not have him go through major orthopaedic surgery. He progressed to the point that he was available for adoption and is now enjoying life with a new "Mom" and "Uncle" and two greyhound sisters, Suede & Holly.


Emma once had a family and through no fault of her own found herself back in a kennel at age 7. Fortunately it didn't take long for this sweet girl to find a new home. She is now a cherished member of a new family which includes two human "brothers" and a canine companion named Buddy. Congratulations Emma on finally having the happily ever after you so deserve.



Birthday wishes do come true and Berk's was granted early, a few weeks shy of his third birthday which he'll celebrate in July. After patiently waiting for many months the timing was finally right for Berk to go "home". Now a beloved companion, it was well worth the wait. We wish Berk and his mom a lifetime of love and happiness.


This playful, inquisitive youngster has found a home. He loves to play with toys, enjoys car rides, discovering new things like soft beds and green grass and now he will get to do all these things with his very own human! We wish Stanley and his mom many happy years together.


Fire is one very smart little girl who lets you know what she wants. In fact she made a wish for her 4th birthday at the end of April and early May it came true! She found a wonderful forever home where she will enjoy retirement and discover what it's like to be a beloved companion. She'll get to run and play in her very own yard and we're confident she'll quickly find where all the treats are kept, if she hasn't already.


Lexus has a new home! She now has a small dog as a brother and an almost six year old human "sister" whom she adores and kisses good night every night. She also has a kitty that she gets along well with. She has a wonderful new mom and dad and is so happy to have a home of her own.


Coco has the best mommy in the world and new greyhound and whippet friends too! She has already gotten very close to a senior male whippet and has made him feel young again! She is just that special!


Slammer is now officially part of the adopted pack! He will live happily ever after and enjoy an early retirement in a loving home of his very own. He has a wonderful family and two new dog brothers named Harvey and Joey!

John has been adopted!John

This sweet boy was so comfortable with his foster family he secretly wished they would keep him forever. Well, this birthday boy's wish came true! The feeling was mutual so in addition to their home, they've now opened up their hearts to him as well. John is now enjoying life with his humans and two greyhound sisters!

Bart has been adopted!Bart

This loveable boy is right at home and loving life with his new Mom and Dad, five greyhound friends and three kitties. We wish you a lifetime of love and much happiness with your forever family. Congratulations Bart!



This petite three-year old beauty has found a forever home where she will be showered with all the love and attention she deserves. Happy homecoming Twiggy! We hope you enjoy many happy years with your new family.


Sweet Briar has finally found a home to call her very own. She will be in the company of two new fawn greyhound friends, Rusty & Essie. We wish them all many happy years together.

GingerBrood BadgeGinger

A few weeks after celebrating her 5th birthday in early December this beautiful girl found a great forever home with two greyhound brothers and a greyhound sister where she is doing well!

Kayden has been adopted!Kayden

Kayden has gone to live with his new greyhound sisters, Missy and Lady, numerous kitties and two stately old horses. His first introduction to the horses was interesting. He reached up, sniffed, sniffed, wagged his tail and promptly bit one of them on the ear. I am not sure who was more startled, the horse or the humans! So much for GAF dogs and their good manners!

We wish the whole family lots of love, laughter and a Happy New Year!


He's enjoying the holidays with his new family which includes Barbie and another GAF grey, Isis. May you enjoy many happy, healthy years with your humans and greyhound friends.

Welcome home Barbie!Barbie

Barbie found her dream home, with Ivan! She's enjoying her first holiday with a family of her own, which also includes another GAF grey, Isis. Welcome home Barbie!

Beanie, formerly known as Jane, is home for the holidaysBeanie (formerly known as Jane)

This sweet girl is finally home. She'll enjoy her first holiday with her forever family which includes a new big brother named Ulan. We see a lot of toys and even more love in Beanie's future! Welcome home :)


Once a stray, Lucky is now happily munching cookies in his new home on a bed by the fire and enjoying the company of his new greyhound brothers.

CheeryBrood BadgeCheery (formerly known as Mary)

Mary would like everyone to know that she has found her forever home and has changed her name back to Cheery. It's only fitting because she bring so much cheer to her new home!

DavisElvis (formerly known as Davis)

This tall, handsome boy with honey colored eyes has ears that make an impression and a personality to match. He never went to the track and is now learning all about the big world from his new home. He is already very relaxed and enjoying everything, including nice long walks.


Franky came to Grey Haven after he raced at the Jacksonville track. With no aspirations to go to Hollywood, this handsome boy intends to live life to the fullest with the greytest friends he could ask for Ebony & Joanie!
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Brindle female born December 2005
Joanie got along with everyone at Grey Haven. Now this sweet little girl is happy as can be and loving life in her new home with Ebony & Franky!
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Black female with white ticking born August 2007
This stunning young girl was a race track drop out. She patiently waited for the right family to come and claim her as "the one" for them. It was well worth the wait as she is now enjoying the good life as a well-loved companion in the company of two greyt friends, Joanie & Franky!
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Fawn female born March 2006
This shy at first stunner found a family she could trust and love with all her heart! She will be missed at Grey Haven where she got along with all the boys and girls and enjoyed their company.
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White male born October 2008
This special doll baby found a home where he will be safe, well loved and cared for as he and all companion animals deserve to be.
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Red female born March 2006
Callie is happily adjusting to her new home and having a wonderful time rearranging her toys and meeting all the adoring neighbors! Happy life, Callie. We miss you but know what a lucky girl you are!
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Brindle female born May 2003
Arrow is one very special young brood. She had two litters, was bred once more but nothing happened! We got lucky and picked her up before she had yet another litter. Arrow has now achieved her ultimate goal: to get close to her humans and have a family of her own. She is enjoying life in a home of her own.
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Brindle male born June 2008
Flynn hoped that someday a family would fall in love with him and take him home, just like his brother, Scooter. Flynn's hope was realized. He is now part of a loving home.
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Twist! Twist

White/black ticked female, born Sept 1999
This amazing greyhound is the mother of at least 39 pups yet still has the happy-go-lucky attitude that allows her to smile at you when she feels silly! Having more than paid her dues to the racing industry she now has a family of her own who will love her and treat her the way she deserves for the rest of her life. Happy early birthday Twist!
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Claire! Claire

Black and white female, born July 2000
After waiting on a farm for about four years she had a chance to find the perfect home she so deserved! She was the life of the kennel and kept us all laughing.
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Tomas! Tomas

Red brindle male, born January 2005
This handsome boy loved it when guests came to visit at Grey Haven. Now he can enjoy company in his new home.
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Letti! Letti

Fawn female, born May 2008
This little girl is extremely sweet & happy. Her life is complete now that she has a home to call her own.
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Silver! Silver

Red female, born June 2005
Silver raced a full career with her last race in February 2010. Retired and ready to find a special family to call her own, Silver's recent birthday wish came true! This special little greyhound found a home.
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Krystal! Krystal

Red brindle female, born June 2001
Krystal is a pretty light red brindle girl who turned nine in June. She is one of the happiest greyhounds in the world now that she has a family that she can call her own.
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ScooterBlack Pearl

Black female, Born April 2008
Pearl is a stunning little black girl who just turned two this year. She is a happy, bouncy greyhound who loves new adventures and is going to be the perfect meet 'n greet dog! She should be on the welcoming committee for both humans and dogs!
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Red male, born April 2006
Dodgem is a very, very nice guy! He got along well with all the dogs and loved when visitors came to the kennel.  He has great manners and really loves his "person." He is a wonderful addition to a special home, now that he has been adopted. Dodgem was sponsored by Susan Argyrides during his stay at Grey Haven.
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White with black ticking male, born June 2008
Scooter never went to the track ... actually he never got off the farm where he was born. He is ecstatic that a wonderful family has fallen in love with him and taken him home so that he can continue to learn what it's like to be a big, grownup greyhound living with a family.
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Dark brindle female, born May 2008
Della had no desire to chase the lure and decided to take an early retirement!  During her stay at Grey Haven, Della was sponsored by Cynthia Adkins. Della is a happy, happy girl now that she has a home of her own. This greyhound is definitely loving her new life!
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Dark brindle female
This lovely dark brindle girl is a ten year brood who does not look or act her age! She is a love ... plays nicely with the other girls and loves meal time! She is excited to meet all the visitors and would be thrilled to find a family of her own. While she likes all the other dogs she's met, she will not be good with cats.
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BidenLightfoot (aka Syd)

Brindle, male, born October 2003
This handsome brindle boy will be seven years old in October. He waited patiently on a farm for someone to fall in love with him and take him home. Now that has happened and Lightfoot has been adopted! He even has a new name: Syd! He gets along well with other dogs and is always looking for his human.
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Red male, born 2004
Biden is almost 5 1/2 and is a delightful greyhound. This is a gentle boy who likes to play with the others but if the guys get too rough, he prefers to just walk away. Generally, he gets along just fine with other dogs. Biden was sponsored by Valerie Delisle and Alicia Porter while he waited for an adoptive home.
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Black female, born April 2006
Luna is one of those striking black greyhounds who have a stark white chest and no white on her face. It makes it hard to photograph her, but in person she is so lovely to look at! Luna is an active, happy girl who loves to meet new people and thinks that life is one big adventure! Luna was sponsored by Elizabeth Kriebel and Kay Fellows while she waited for an adoptive home.
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Brindle female, born February 2005
Lady is a very outgoing and happy dog. She enjoyed the company of all the other dogs and immediately warmed up to the kennel visitors. She is a happy, happy greyhound now that she has been adopted into a loving home and has a couch to call her own. Lady was sponsored by Kay Fellows and Cookie Slingbaum while she waited for an adoptive home.
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Brindle female, born February 2005
This is a sweet little brindle girl who raced a full career and is now hoping for a special family of her own. She is happy, bouncy and very outgoing. She enjoys the company of all the other dogs and immediately warms up to the kennel visitors. Mandy was sponsored by Kay Fellows and Cookie Slingbaum.
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Black male, born December 2006
This very handsome young greyhound came to Grey Haven in Spring of 2009 and settled right in! His persistence and patience has paid off - he's been adopted and loves his new home and comfy couch. Cole was sponsored by Debbie Warner as well as his greyhound cousins Dasch and Dale Bateman, during his stay here at Grey Haven. Roo!
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White and brindle male, four years old
Conley's race career is over and he is thrilled to begin a life as a pet in a home where he is loved! Conley was sponsored by Jaimie Mann, Peter Klambatsen and Mike and Kelly Bateman during his stay here at Grey Haven.

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White and brindle female, born 2005
Jackie is a 4 year old brindle girl who is through racing and is grateful to have a couch of her own! Jackie was sponsored by Kim Cassiday during her stay at Grey Haven.

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Black male
Darren was born with a deformity of both front legs and the condition has left him with no muscle mass in his front end, causing him to walk with a strange gait. All of these problems have not taken a thing away from his loving manner and his joy for life. Darren was sponsored by Bev Doan and Alicia Porter during his stay here at Grey Haven.

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Brindle male, born August 2005
This very good looking, lanky brindle boy has had a rough start. Someone was not kind to him early on, but he received a lot of socialization and positive reinforcement here at Grey Haven and he has "graduated" to an adoptive home where he

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