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$10 You Know Will Save Lives Fundraiser

$10 You Know Will Save Lives Fundraiser
Admin - Fri Jun 19, 2015 @ 09:40AM
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The Change.org petition you signed has now amassed more than 200,000 signatures. All from people like you who want to see the willful destruction of greyhounds through racing become a thing of the past. Every year we make more progress and, sometime soon, this will happen here in Florida.

Greyhound Adoptions of Florida is READY!

We've beautifully restored our kennel, doubling our capacity. We've expanded our resources, trained new people to help, taken inventory of what we need most...and now we're appealing to you. 

As a thank you for your support, your one-time $10 donation will automatically enter you in a raffle to win this wonderful messenger bag. Measuring approximately 33 x 28 cm, this unique bag features a good quality zipper across the main compartment. There are two pockets on the outside of the bag underneath the flap perfect for a phone and keys. The eco-friendly bag is designed to be worn across the body, to sit in the hip vicinity; the straps are adjustable using sliders.  

Our "$10 You Know Will Save Lives" fundraiser is an opportunity to own this provoking bag that's filled with a selection of goodies*. The bag is handmade by a dedicated Australian couple. With 77 dog tracks in a country of only 24 million, they've seen quite a lot of racing's evils. Karen & Rod, the artisans, sew them by hand using only recycled materials so each one is individual. And every one is intended as a conversation starter...sparking perhaps a "light bulb moment," as Karen says, for someone new to our mission.

*Dog toys: balls, stuffies that squeak, tug of war toys, note cards and more!


Glad you asked! GAF needs a new van, and we need it soon. Our current van is tired, worn and failing. We can't afford to be without and quite frankly, without your help, we can't afford a new one. The van is our lifeline. It transports dogs (we can take 4 at a time) from their former lives. It takes them to the vet, to Meet & Greets, and most happily, to their new homes. It carries dog food which we buy in 50 pound bags, 10 bags at a time. It transports all kinds of material and equipment to keep Grey Haven running. It takes me to events where I speak about these dogs we all love and how great is their need. And on occasion it gets me to Tallahassee to convince our lawmakers to do right by the greyhounds. It's essential.

Earn a Raffle ticket...in fact, earn a few. Take a chance on winning this extraordinary bag to raise awareness, as the creators call it: a bag for passionate people. Some people have contacted us to inquire about donating more than $10. We've added additional buttons below for this purpose with our sincere thanks for those who can and want to donate more!  Every $10 will automatically enter you in the raffle. For example if you donate $30 you will earn 3 automatic entries. And please know you're not taking any chances by participating - every donation received for this special fundraiser will help save greyhound lives






The winner of the messenger bag will be notified by e-mail and will be announced on our website and social media pages.

With my gratitude and thanks, 

Marilyn Varnberg
President and Founder
Greyhound Adoptions of Florida, Inc.

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Comments: 22


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