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What we're rooing about lately

Admin - Fri Jun 19, 2015 @ 09:40AM
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The Change.org petition you signed has now amassed more than 200,000 signatures. All from people like you who want to see the willful destruction of greyhounds through racing become a thing of the past. Every year we make more progress and, sometime soon, this will happen here in Florida.

Greyhound Adoptions of Florida is READY!

We've beautifully restored our kennel, doubling our capacity. We've expanded our resources, trained new people to help, taken inventory of what we need most...and now we're appealing to you. 

As a thank you for your support, your one-time $10 donation will automatically enter you in a raffle to win this wonderful messenger bag. Measuring approximately 33 x 28 cm, this unique bag features a good quality zipper across the main compartment. There are two pockets on the outside of the bag underneath the flap perfect for a phone and keys. The eco-friendly bag is designed to be worn across the body, to sit in the hip vicinity; the straps are adjustable using sliders.  

Our "$10 You Know Will Save Lives" fundraiser is an opportunity to own this provoking bag that's filled with a selection of goodies*. The bag is handmade by a dedicated Australian couple. With 77 dog tracks in a country of only 24 million, they've seen quite a lot of racing's evils. Karen & Rod, the artisans, sew them by hand using only recycled materials so each one is individual. And every one is intended as a conversation starter...sparking perhaps a "light bulb moment," as Karen says, for someone new to our mission.

*Dog toys: balls, stuffies that squeak, tug of war toys, note cards and more!


Glad you asked! GAF needs a new van, and we need it soon. Our current van is tired, worn and failing. We can't afford to be without and quite frankly, without your help, we can't afford a new one. The van is our lifeline. It transports dogs (we can take 4 at a time) from their former lives. It takes them to the vet, to Meet & Greets, and most happily, to their new homes. It carries dog food which we buy in 50 pound bags, 10 bags at a time. It transports all kinds of material and equipment to keep Grey Haven running. It takes me to events where I speak about these dogs we all love and how great is their need. And on occasion it gets me to Tallahassee to convince our lawmakers to do right by the greyhounds. It's essential.

Earn a Raffle ticket...in fact, earn a few. Take a chance on winning this extraordinary bag to raise awareness, as the creators call it: a bag for passionate people. Some people have contacted us to inquire about donating more than $10. We've added additional buttons below for this purpose with our sincere thanks for those who can and want to donate more!  Every $10 will automatically enter you in the raffle. For example if you donate $30 you will earn 3 automatic entries. And please know you're not taking any chances by participating - every donation received for this special fundraiser will help save greyhound lives






The winner of the messenger bag will be notified by e-mail and will be announced on our website and social media pages.

With my gratitude and thanks, 

Marilyn Varnberg
President and Founder
Greyhound Adoptions of Florida, Inc.

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Comments: 22
Comments: 22

This year's on-line auction will start on August 13 and run through August 23. We've received a number of very interesting, enticing and unique items for the 2015 Auction, BUT...BUT...we can always use MORE!! All proceeds go to the daily operational costs of Grey Haven and to our fund for special medical needs greyhounds. This is how we get the broken leg repairs financed, so yes, every auction item is valued. We'd love it if you could send a full description of the item you're donating, along with a good quality picture. Our hard-working volunteers appreciate this! E-mail Marilyn with any questions and thank you for your support!

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Admin - Fri Mar 20, 2015 @ 05:33PM
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What: Open House at Grey Haven

  • Tour the Adoption Kennel
  • Walk through the Memorial Garden & join us for Chime Ceremony
  • Sneak Preview of "NEW" kennel
Finger foods, snacks, beer & wine will be served

Please bring turnout muzzles so dogs can have a day of play and chair or blankets for humans to sit!

When: Sunday, April 12 from 11am-3pm

Where: 1470 NE 140th Street, Citra FL

Let's make this a day to remember!

Please R.S.V.P by April 6 to Marilyn 352-812-0200 or Carol 352-753-6563

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Joyce Carta - Tue Jan 27, 2015 @ 02:12PM
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Hello Everyone...yes, it's absurdly early for this reminder but we are just 7 short months away from our next Super Duper Online Auction.  It's in August this year (and actually it occurred to me that many of our Northeast friends might rather think about August now than January in the Northeast...) AND the reason I bring this up so very early is:  in your travels over the next few months if you spot something different & wonderful in the World of Greyhounds that you like a lot, pick up an extra for the Auction!!

The most unusual and interesting items are so often found by chance, so I'm just giving "chance" a helping hand!

And as always, thank you for your support.  You all are what keeps us going to do the necessary work we do.

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Admin - Thu Jan 15, 2015 @ 06:00AM
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1/15/15 Consumer Affairs Complaints about Kirkland Dog Food

2/6/14 Pro Pet Voluntary Recall of limited number of Dry Dog & Cat food due to possible salmonella contamination Expiration date 5/14

8/30/13 Purina Voluntary Recall of of 3.5-pound bags of its Purina ONE beyOnd Our White Meat Chicken and Whole Barley Recipe Adult Dry Dog Food from a single production run. Specific lot and expiration date of October 2014.

8/14/13 P&G Voluntarily Recalls Limited Quantity of Dry Iams & Eukanuba Pet Food. Various lots and sizes with expiration dates in November 2014.

6/18/13 Natura Pet Issues Voluntary Recall of specialized pet foods and some biscuits and treats including California Natural, EVO, Healthwise, Innova, Karma and Mother Nature. All lots codes and sizes with expiration dates prior to June 10, 2014

4/19/13 Natura Pet Expands Voluntary Recall of dry pet foods including California Natural, EVO, Healthwise, Innova & Karma. All lot codes and all expiration dates prior to and including March 24, 2014

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Joyce Carta - Fri Jan 02, 2015 @ 12:19PM
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Dr. Nicola Mason Bone Cancer Vaccine update...last year we reported on Dr. Mason's start-up study which seemed very promising.  Here's the good news:  IT IS.

It is now over 16 months since the first dog diagnosed with spontaneous osteosarcoma received an experimental bone cancer vaccine at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine. The vaccine is being administered to pet dogs that have been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive tumor that affects the long bones of large and giant breed dogs. With current standard of care, that consists of amputation and follow up chemotherapy, median survival times are between 200 and 300 days. The aim of the vaccine, given to dogs after amputation and chemotherapy, is to prevent metastatic disease and prolong overall survival. Of the first 5 dogs vaccinated in this clinical trial, 4 of the dogs are still alive and have survived between 500 and 590 days; three of these dogs are tumor free. Other dogs have been vaccinated more recently so long term survival data for these dogs is not yet available. “These results are really very exciting” Dr. Nicola Mason, the lead investigator on the trial explains. “They suggest that the vaccine is able to stimulate an effective anti-tumor immune response that is able to kill microscopic metastatic cells and prevent tumor recurrence in these dogs.” Importantly, the vaccine appears to be safe. Only low-grade toxicities consisting of a mild fever and occasionally one episode of vomiting the same day as vaccination have been reported. There have been no long or short-term complications observed with the vaccine. The results are highly promising and a larger phase II clinical trial is now being planned at Penn and at collaborating sites including Colorado State University and the University of Florida.

If you would like to learn more about the clinical trial, are interested in enrolling your dog, or wish to support Dr. Mason's research, visit http://www.vet.upenn.edu/research/centers-initiatives/canine-cancer-studies.

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Joyce Carta - Fri Dec 19, 2014 @ 02:40PM
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This past week saw the filing of the identical bills in the FL House and Senate for the 2015 Session:   GREYHOUND INJURY REPORTING.  Here's a synopsis of the bill:   

Greyhound Racing Injuries:  Designates act as "Victoria Q. Gaetz Racing Greyhound Protection Act;" requires injuries to racing greyhound be reported on form adopted by DBPR within certain timeframe; exempts injuries to certain animals from reporting requirements.   Effective Date:  July 1, 2015   (Note:  greyhounds exempted include service animals, animals adopted as pets or personal pets...in other words non-racing greyhounds.)

This is the Bill that passed the Senate unanimously on the final day of the 2014 Session...named in honor of former Senate President's Gaetz' wife, Vicky, an ardent animal lover and supporter of humane issues.   The in-coming Senate President Gardiner has promised that this Bill will get a hearing in the first week of Session and he is a strong supporter of passage.

This would take Florida out of the dubious duo of states where injury reporting is not mandatory (the other state being Alabama) AND importantly the increased transparency this would allow would, by its very nature, lead to a reduction in dogs injured on FL race tracks. It's a big step forward; an important step, and one we've been working towards for years.


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Admin - Wed Dec 10, 2014 @ 05:44PM
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A big THANK YOU to everyone who supported GAF & Joey in particular for Giving Tuesday!

We saw some great activity yesterday and are hearing amazing stories about how people gave time, money, and service for #givingtuesday. A big thank you to everyone who supported GAF by way of generous donations, sharing an #UNselfie, and helping us spread the word about our current need for Joey as well as our on-going need to be ready to help greyhounds just like him at a moment's notice.

After two long days of waiting, we were finally able to bring Joey home to Grey Haven. What a relief to see him moving around and happy to see us.....you know how we parents worry about our kids!

Surgery was long and involved due to the fact that the break occurred 6 weeks ago. Bones are back in place, tendons where they belong and a lovely, shiny bone plate with 9 screws are all implanted and secure. Now begins about 10-12 weeks of healing before we even begin to think about looking for that special family for him. And for now all we can do is be so very indebted to all of you who put your hands in your pocket and came up with the money to allow all of this to happen. Joey owes you all the use of all four legs.....we here at Grey Haven will forever be in your debt for allowing us to continue to help the "Joey's" out there who are forgotten.

In a short period of time, you generously sent us $1805.00 for Joey. (and I have a feeling a few more checks will be forthcoming) I am still sending out thank you notes...be patient, please. I don't work so quickly anymore.

It's not too late to donate to help Joey and friends. In fact we SO hope that you will. With new “kids” coming to the kennel weekly we’re in business full time and full force and new kids have some expensive needs.

If you decide to mail a check please mail to:

Greyhound Adoptions of Florida
Marilyn Varnberg
P.O. Box 955
Sparr, FL 32192-0955

With love and gratitude, Marilyn 

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Admin - Sun Dec 07, 2014 @ 01:55PM
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We received a $610 donation from Wash'n Zip Pet Bed - World's Cleanest Pet Bed as a result of being their Rescue Group of the Month for November. A big thank you to everyone who purchased these awesome beds and heartfelt appreciation to Stan & Jennifer Pelz, owners/inventors of Wash 'n Zip Beds, for their generous support of our organization.

Pictured below: Beau, who discovered his gift from Santa Paws early (oops) when his mom was showing the beds (a large unzipped and an extra small zipped) to Beau's dad and a 44" stuffie on the large bed zipped up. Everyone is wild about these unique, fully washable beds!


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Joyce Carta - Sun Nov 16, 2014 @ 09:53AM
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It's that time again...time to celebrate the season and the holidays AND to share adorable Holiday Hound Pictures!!   We have a number of new adopters (WELCOME!)...new greyhounds in new families as well as the seasoned pros at Holiday Festivities.   Share your pictures, please!  And your stories!  The next newsletter will be publishing in January (with its new masthead which you'll see is something of a radical departure making a no-nonsense statement) and I'd love to have all submissions by 1 January 2015.   Please send to joyce@joycecarta.com, and if anyone has questions or needs more information, either email or call 352-402-0412.

Have a Merry and a Happy Everyone!

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